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        Collated Fasteners

        Tacwise 0181 Framing Staples 14/28mm £48.90 18g Carton 15,000

        Tacwise 14 Series Framing Staples from L.D. Leigh collatedfastenersGenuine Tacwise products from L.D. Leigh collatedfasteners
        Price: £48.90 RRP: £97.79 - you save £48.89! Ex VAT: £40.75
        Manufacturer: Tacwise
        Manuf part number: 0181
        Weight: 15.00
        Tacwise 14 series Staples

        These 14/28 framing staples are made from 18gauge wire and come in gavlanised finish only. 14/28 staples are packed in handy cartons of 10,000 (10M) they work out at £4.07/M plus carriage & VAT.

        For Bulk enquiries please contact us at  info@collatedfasteners.co.uk