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        Collated Fasteners

        Senco SFW10XP "F" Series Tacker

        Senco SFW10 Tackers from L.D. Leigh collatedfastenersGenuine Senco Products from L.D. Leigh collatedfastenersSenco C Series staples from L.D. Leigh collatedfastenersSenco 5 Year Warranty from L.D. Leigh collatedfasteners
        Price: £262.20 RRP: £298.80 - you save £36.60! Ex VAT: £218.50
        Manufacturer: Senco
        Manuf part number: 1D2051N
        Weight: 1000.00
        Senco SFW10XP "F" Series Professional Grade Fine Wire Stapler  DISCONTINUED

        This durable, fine-wire SENCO®   SFW10XP F Seriesair powered tool is designed for professional performance. Various SFW10XP F Series models drive staples ranging in length from 5 mm to 16 mm, and have excellent features for user comfort, resulting in greater production output. New 5-Year Warranty.

        Senco SFW10XP "F" Series Tool Specifications

        Height 148 mm
        Weight 0.9 kg
        Reg. Operating Pressure 50 to 95 psi 3.5—6.6 bar
        Collation Straight
        Mode of Operation Single Actuation

        Senco SFW10XP "F" Series Features 

        • Full 1" lip length Makes getting into tight areas easier
        • Rounded steel cap Won't harm fabric
        • Rear exhaust Keeps oil off fabric
        • No muffler to get clogged Less opportunity for malfunction
        • Pinky or push-down magazine release Makes loading and unloading easier and more comfortable
        • Bottom-load magazine Facilitates easier loading
        • Cast aluminum outer rail Longer life and durability
        • Steel lower rail Extends tool life
        • Metric skirt guide cast into outer magazine No need for tape measure
        • No front screw heads Tool glides through fabric
        • Slender main body design Improved line of sight and access to work
        • Compact tool design Easily reaches tight spots
        • Slightly longer magazine Ability to load full strip even with 25 staples left from previous strip
        • Reload window Indicates when to reload and provides access spot to clean lint from magazine without having to dissassemble the tool

        Senco SFW10XP "F" Series Applications

      1. Automotive Vinyl and Trim
      2. Bedding
      3. Cabinets
      4. Furniture Frames
      5. Furniture Trim
      6. Mirror and Picture Frames
      7. Molding
      8. Roofing Felt
      9. Shoemaking
      10. TV and Stereo Grille Cloth
      11. Upholstery
      12. Upholstery Trim Panels

      13. Senco SFW10XP "F" Series Tacker