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        Collated Fasteners

        MAX Tools

        We support the full range of MAX nailers, staplers and Re-Bar Tools.


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        MAX CN238 Carpet fitters coil nailer From L.D. Leigh collatedfasteners
        Max CN238 Coil Nailer From L.D. Leigh collatedfasteners
        MAX CN238 Carpet Fitters Coil Nail Tool The super-slim Max CN238, is ideal for carpet fitters who need to have a reliable machine that allows access to difficult & tight spaces.  The...
        Our price: £657.64
        Max SN890CH First Fix Strip Nailer
        Max SN890CH First Fix Strip Nailer
        Max SN890CH/34 - 34 degree Clipped Head Framing Nailer  Drives 50mm - 90mm 34 degree clipped head strip nails
        You are viewing results 1 to 2 of 2
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