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        Collated Fasteners

        Gabion Baskets & Gabion Mattress Construction

        Posted on Wednesday, 16 December 2009 05:22PM by Customer Services Team
        L.D. Leigh & Co. Limited are able to offer collated fasteners for the construction of both Gabion Baskets & Gabion Mattresses.  Used in civil engineering applications for the retention of river banking or, earthworks the rings are applied with either a manual tool or, for larger projects, a pneumatically powered tool allowing much faster use, The High tensile rings are suitable for most applications however, should the baskets be submerged underwater or in a corrosive application such as a marine or chemical environment then we are able to supply Stainless Steel rings. L.D. Leigh & co are able to supply Gabion Basket and Gabion Mattress rings to major construction projects direct to site.  Please contact our technical department at tech@collatedfasteners.co.uk or by calling 0560 113 9922 for further information.