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        Collated Fasteners

        Euro Code 5 Explained

        Posted on Tuesday, 21 July 2009 11:21AM by
        The British and European Standard BS EN792-13. Hand-held non-electric power tools ­ Safety requirements Part 13: Fastener driving tools:

        BS EN 792-13. Item 7.2.1 a

        Only those fasteners listed in the operating instructions may be used in the driving tools. (ie. 34degree clipped head nails in suitable lengths)

        BS EN 792-13. Item 7.2.1 b

        Only the main energy and the lubricants listed in the operating instructions may be used. (only fuel cells from a reputable manufacturer)

        BS EN 792-13. Item 7.2.5 a

        Fastener driving tools operated by internal combustion shall only be used with dispensers for combustible gas which are listed in the operating instructions.

        The European Standard EN 792-13:2000 has the status of a British Standard. EN792-13 only refers to pneumatic and gas fastening systems, it does not refer to cartridge or PAT fastening technology