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        Collated Fasteners
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        collatedfasteners.co.uk Webutation

        WE'RE OPEN!

        It's service as usual!

        Buy now with Confidence 
        We stock a wide variety of Fasteners and Tools 
        If you are unable to find what you want please ASK! 
        We deliver worldwide - no problem!

        Call us Now on:  +44 (0)560 1139922 (Local call rates)*

        Use our email enquiry form

        Next day orders should be placed by 1.30PM


        *some mobile providers may charge extra
        Senco DA Series Angled Nails From L.D. Leigh & Co. Industrial Stapling
        Brand Senco Description DA17EAB Angled Finish Nail   Order Length DA17EAB 38 mm ...
        Senco L15BAB Staples from L.D. Leigh collatedfasteners.co.uk
        Senco L15BAB Staples pkt 5,000 90 Series 18 Gague Wire Staple Fits through BeA, Bostich S32SX, Omer 90 Series, Porter Cable NS   Senco...
        Senco F04BAAP Staples from L.D. Leigh collatedfasteners
        Senco F04BAAP 6mm Staples Length 6 mm Packet 34,000 Ref F04BAAP
        Tacwise A11 Hammer Tacker features Length 168mm Width 21mm Depth 85mm Weight 0.9kg Load...
        Tacwise 0400Brads 18/40 from L.D. Leigh collatedfasteners
        Brand   Tacwise 0400 Description   Brad Length   40 mm Carton quantity ...
        Tacwise 0365 Staples 71/4 Pkt 20,000 £6.26 from L.D. Leigh Collatedfasteners
        Tacwise 0365  Staples 71/4 Pkt 20000 The Tacwise 0365  staples 71/4 are used for various upholstery and other applications, sold in cartons...
        Tacwise 0286  Staples 91/30 Pkt 1000 The 91/30 staples are used for various applications, sold in cartons of 10 packets if required. Other sizes...
        Tacwise 97/20 Carton 10 packets 0304 from L.D. Leigh collatedfasteners
        Tacwise 97/20 staples These are in packets of 5000 sold in cartons of 10 packets.
        Fusion F-16S Cordless 16g Straight Nailer from L.D. Leigh collatedfasteners
        Senco Fusion F-16S Straight Second Fix Tool Senco Fusion F-16S technology utilses compressed air that is sealed into the cylinder. No need for...
        BeA 3.1 x 76mm Galv. Ring Gas & Nail Packs For £25.74 from L.D. Leigh collatedfasteners
        BeA 3.1 x 76 Galv Ring Gas & Nail 1000 Packs  BeA Gas & Nail packs are suitable For Senco, Montana, Paslode, Bostitch & Hitachi and...
        Tacwise 0366 Staple 71/5  Packet 20,000 £6.30 from L.D. Leigh collatedfasteners
        Tacwise 0366  71/5 series upholstery galvanised staple Primarily used in the furniture and upholstery trades, these Tacwise 71 / 5mm...
        Tacwise 0299 16/55 brads from L.D. Leigh collatedfasteners
        Brand   Tacwise 0299 Description   Brad Length   55 mm Carton quantity   ...
        Tacwise 14 Series Framing Staples from L.D. Leigh collatedfasteners
        Tacwise 14 series Staples These 14/28 framing staples are made from 18gauge wire and come in gavlanised finish only. 14/28 staples are packed in handy...
        Senco Duraspin 39A35MP Drywall Screws From L.D. Leigh & Co. Limited
        Senco Duraspin 39A35MP Drywall to wood Screws Senco Duraspin 39A35MP. Proberbly the most popular size of Duraspin screw for drywall, boxed in 1000's...
        Senco SFW10 Tackers from L.D. Leigh collatedfasteners
        Senco SFW10XP "F" Series Professional Grade Fine Wire Stapler  DISCONTINUED This durable, fine-wire SENCO ®    SFW10XP...
        Senco B Series staples from L.D. Leigh collatedfasteners
        Senco B02BAAP Staples Pkt 40,000 Senco B02BAAP series Galvanised staple 4mm Ref B02BAAP Length 4mm Packet Size 40,000 Finish Galvanised
        Senco DA19EMB 44mm Aluminium Angled Finish Nails Pkt 4,000
        Brand Senco Description 19EMB Angled Finish Nail Order Length DA19EMB 44 mm Packet quantity ...
        Duraspin Screws From L.D. Leigh Collatedfasteners
        Senco Duraspin 39A30MP Drywall to wood Screws Reference 39A30MP Diamentions 3.9 x 30mm Head Bugle Drive Phillips Thread Coarse Point Sharp Finish...
        L.D. Leigh & Co. Limited Product range includes: Senco 16 Gauge Brads | Senco 16g Brad Nail Tools | Tacwise 18 Gauge Brads | Senco 18g Brad Nail Tools | Senco 23g Pinners | Senco 71 Series Staples | Accessories | Airlines & Accessories Angled Brads | Angled Finish Nail Tools | Angled Finish Nails | Battery Technology Tools | Bostitch Tools | Brads | BeA Brad Nailers | BeA Staplers | BeA Strip Nailers | BeA Coil Nailers | BeA Spares |Carton Sealing Staples | Cleat Nail Tool For Hardwood Flooring | Cleat Nails For Flooring | Coil Nail Tools | Coil Nails | Compressors | Corrugated Fastening Tools | Duraspin Screws | Duraspin Tools | Fine Wire Staplers | Gabion Clips | Gabion Rings | Hamex Fuel Cells | Gas & Nail Packs | Gas Nail Tools | Heavy Wire Staple Tools | Heavy Wire Staples | Hog Ring Tools | Hog Rings | Kihlberg Carton Closing Tools | Kihlberg Packaging Staples | Medium Wire Staple Tools | Muro ViSlider | Collated Screwdrivers | Muro ViSlider Screws | Nailers | Pins | Rebar Tools | Senco L Series Staples | Senco N Series Staples | Staplers | Staples | Brads | Pins | Nails | Fasteners | Strip Nail Tools | First Fix Strip Nails | Tool Servicing & Spares | Upholstery staples | Senco Fastening Systems | Duraspin | Paslode Gas and Nails | Gas & Nails | NFP | Nail and Fuel Packs | Pneumatic Tools | Pneumatic Staplers | Pneumatic Nailers | Fasteners | Cabinet Fastening Solutions | Millwork Fastening Solutions | Truss Fastening Solutions | Flooring Fastening Solutions | Furniture Fastening Solutions | Carpet Fastening | Construction Fastening | Remodeling Fastening | Pallet Fastening | Packaging Fastening | Duo-Fast Service | Duo-Fast Repair | Duo-Fast Parts | Duo-Fast Accessories
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